Hello, it's been awhile + Purpose| Like this world without the sun //Poetry

And I don't know why but I feel like writing something here today, after a really long time. It's been awhile since I stared at this screen trying to think about something to write. I don't even have anything much to say now either but I feel like writing something.
But looking at this screen makes me think about how much I missed this. Every time I write something I end up wondering if anything I write is good enough, if it's worth a post or if it's worth a read. I think about why I even write and when I write the most. Every single time, I have a new answer to the questions above. 
But I do know one thing for sure, writing makes me happy. It brings me so much joy. 

My life without words [for poetry] will be like this world without the sun.
 Like the well without water| hollow and dark. 
Like a home without love| without prayers for dear ones.
Like a clock that stopped ticking| but still right twice a day. 
Like a soul searching for it's other half to be complete.
A life without words [for poetry] is a flower without hope| during months of winter.

// [Purpose/ Like  this world without the sun]
-Kathie K


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