To the one I'm yet discovering+ Poetry

I can't really say that I've found myself and that now I know everything about me because that would be a complete lie. I am forever learning though. When I stopped writing a few months back I could feel this hollowness. I knew I had to write but honestly there wasn't anything really coming to my mind to write about.

That changed. It changed due to a few small words by a someone and it made all the difference to me.

I've been writing again. If you've noticed then on 19.7.2017 I even started an Instagram account for my blog. Initially, it was about promoting my posts that I write here and share parts of my old blog but there was something missing, I couldn't really put a ring on what though.

Who wants to be complete 
when there is so much 
more beauty in being an 
underway work of art. Rearranging and discovering 
your pieces in a million little 
ways, trying out different blends 
all the while falling in 
love with each and every part 
of your newly uncovered self.

-Kathie K

I took up to writing small pieces of poetry and sharing it on the account and it's been beautiful for me ever since. I know there's a long long way to go before I can reach a wider audience and find people that love what I do. For now though I've been overjoyed with the response and the love that I have received and have been receiving.

Writing has become  a part of me and it's not something I want to let go of. It makes me happy just like the skies do.

To have all those read, follow and share the work I do would be great, all the love would be much appreciated!

Instagram: @upontheseascalls


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