Upon the seas calls || Poetry: Compassion+Wild Grape Vines &Trees

I hope you find me wherever I go. I hope you trail my footsteps just like my shadow does. During my sundown hours I hope you've hidden yourself in all the empty places that surround me and through small gestures keep my darkness inside.
And if there ever does come a day where I run too fast and you lose sight of me, I hope that when I do return you';; leave your doors open and welcome me with all the warmth you once did before.

|| Compassion ||

-Kathie K

Both being plants- one supports the others growth while the other stunts it, while on one hand one plants furthers the other life, the other brings stagnation and death.
It's the same with human beings too. A lot of them walking around in these facades. It's turning difficult to tell apart from the one ones who are true, pure and rare. On one side are those who stick with you through all the good and dark days, on the other side are those that secretly watch, wish an laugh for you to fall in the pit of despair.

|| Wild grape vines and trees are both plants ||

-Kathie K


Well, it's been quite sometime again but no I haven't stopped writing. I just kind of changed the platform on where I occasionally write.

Instagram.- @upontheseascalls

Yes, I created a separate page so that I could share my writings and poems with a whole lot of others. That doesn't mean I'm closing this little corner down. No. It just means you'll find me concentrating more on my writings there.

For those who have stuck around and have provided constant support I hope you all do the same and share some love for my page there too. I'll leave the link below for you guys to check it out! If you all want me to share the same out here then please let me know!



  1. That poem (and picture) is beautiful, Kathie. <3 As I don't use Instagram, I would love to continue reading your poetry and other writings here, or on another blog of some sort! Of course, wherever you decide to post it all is your decision, and your gorgeous images are perfect for Instagram. The peacock feather is such a nice touch. :)

    If you're up for it, also, I tagged you for the Early Writings Tag!

    1. Thank you so much Eve! Much love ♥
      Actually, I will go ahead and do this tag. It's been awhile since I was a part of something like this! :D


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