Poetry|| Muse & Curiosity

When I start to flicker 
I hope you come as spring comes after winter, 
bringing along with you an aurora of hope
- taking, filling and arousing in me 
vision, creativeness and imagination. 
And when you begin to leave after the 
purpose you made your journey on is done, 
I hope you come again but this time I pray 
it's with much more intensity as the last.

|Muse & Curiosity|

-Kathie K


Sometimes I feel as though there's a desert inside my mind, there's nothing to see except heaps of sand all around me and I have no way to get out. I guess all of us feel this at some point, where we feel like our muse has left us, leaving us with nothing. But I think it's just at these times that we are required to look the hardest. The muse never leaves, maybe sometimes we get so used to seeing the same thing that we forget to look beyond. We forget to be curious. I guess it's our muse telling us to look more, search and find even greater inspiration than you ever did before.


  1. A desert around us in our minds is cleaver!

    1. It sure is. But I guess it's to teach us, to help us look beyond, search and find what we need to fulfill what we started.


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