Poetry || Monument & Remain

The history I learnt through textbooks.
From the tales told by my mother.
The stories and success of those who lived before me. Also their loss and failures.
The chronicles that gave way for even bigger victories.
The accounts that have been forgotten over time, the memory of which can be jogged through a little help.
The ones that were kept under wrap but still can be felt.
I breathe now this air because of the life they gave.
I am both a monument and also its remains.
From the remains of this rubble I will build myself up.
I will rise above-up, up and up!

|Both-a monument & remains|

-Kathie K


As much as you try denying it, the fact remains, we're made up of all those things that existed way before we came into this world. Whether it was stories we've been part of or not, at least some of it is the reason that we are shaped the way we are today. Along with continuing to live with whatever has been handed down to us we should also make use of what's left and grow even more. We can preserve our old glory while we also create a new one for ourselves.


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