It's not a circle

The spiral just seems to be getting bigger and bigger. The gap between where it started to where it is now seems huge and doesn't seem to stop. It's weird how we only end up noticing it when something in our life that we have become so used to comes to an end after you've grown accustomed to it.

I wish we could stop the spiral from spinning itself though, at least in a few moments. Wouldn't that be great? Just pause it where ever you feel like and let the moment have it's eternity. 

But fortunately or unfortunately our lives do not come with a ❚❚ button. But there is one thing that the spiral can't control. The spiral goes on weaving itself but you choose what to carry ahead with you. You decide what you'd like for to stay,  what continues and what stops.

Been a long time since I posted something on here but I haven't given up on writing while I was gone.


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