The struggle+Failure

The feeling of discomfort and discontent are good.
There isn't anything wrong about it. 
The butterfly to makes its way out of the cocoon struggles, 
but that very struggle is necessary to help its wings expand. 
In the same manner, we need to feel the sense of discomfort and discontent 
if we want to make out respective worlds a better place to live in.
-Kathie K


The promise to keep the blog updated on a regular basis. I seem to have failed at doing this each and every time. I have time on my hands to write but I don't seem to get around to doing it. I think it's mostly because of the break I took long back in which I promised I'd get back to writing on the blog after my short break (which turned out to be quite long by the way).

I'm not out of ideas but I definitely have a problem in organizing all my ideas in a proper manner nowadays. I read a post from one of my blogger friend lately, it mentioned that creativity needs to be practiced in order to get good and better at it. 

The same goes with writing too.

During my short break I really didn't write that much, if so not at all. I think that's where my mistake lies. I can't seem to sit and write nor get my thoughts all down in a manner that I think would look nice. It's like I've forgotten to do the very thing I am good at. When I write, it all feels real. Like I'm giving life to something which would have otherwise remained torpid. You can imagine then how it would have felt to look at the paper/screen but see nothing but a blank surface staring right back at you. 

So I have decided to practice, practice until I get my flair back to where it was. This promise I definitely do intend to keep. 


  1. Keep practicing until you write something that you are proud of. I liked this sweet post though, it is a wonderful reminder that sometimes you need to wait and keep trying in order to get it right. <3 You will get there! In the mean time keep posting stuff like this because I enjoy reading anything you write.

    1. Thank you so much, Vanessa! I will definitely keep practicing.
      Your comment always makes my day ♥

  2. I feel the same! I stopped posting on my blog regularly a while ago and now I can't get myself to write that often anymore. But I'm trying, and I started writing other things, so that's something.
    Also, I'm glad to see you back!! :)

    1. Thank you! :D
      I'm writing a lot otherwise though, just not on the blog though. Like you said, that's something!


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