Maybe it's the food. I hadn't eaten anything since I left home at 7:30. The appointment took a good few hours. I sat on the bike on my way back home but nothing seemed to make sense. I didn't feel like talking. I ate something while I was on my way back thinking that would make me feel better- it didn't.

My head's reeling, everything around me seems to be going round & round, the throbbing in my head didn't subside, got louder and louder as each moment passed by. I felt like I was tilting and slipping off of the bike but I had just enough energy left to leave me right on.

After what seemed like centuries, we're finally home around 1:15 pm. The moment I got down the bike everything blacks out before me and my world turns into technicolour, like the feeling you get when you're seated and get up too fast . I regain myself within a minute and go inside. I think it happened 3-4 times again in the next fifteen minutes.

Can't take it anymore. I go fall on the bed and before I even know it I've dozed off into a very long nap and all the weariness seems to escape. I remember getting up in between in a haze but I've forgotten what I got up for, doesn't really matter I guess. Although I've had a good nap, the moment I'm up I can still feel the heat rising in my eyes and in my body.
It was 41°C. Heatstroke's aren't very nice.


  1. Aw I'm sorry to hear this happened. Heatstroke aren't un at all. Hope you feel better really soon(:

  2. That doesn't sound nice at all. Hope you are ok!


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