Sunsets teach us that endings can be beautiful too

I think about if I should start one again, start all the way from scratch or maybe I should leave things however they are and accept that maybe the extremely stupid mistake I did signifies that it's time my 3 year journey should finally come to an end.
But how could I let something that gives me the sense of freedom so easily off like that? Writing has been a part of me for so long and will always continue to be a major aspect. So in the midst of the silence of the night, trying to gather all my thoughts together, I bring 'Half a World Away' to life. 

I know I could have left off and just resurrected A Sea Change but maybe change is what I needed. I will always be grateful for ASC for it has given me so many wonderful things- from meeting new people and making friends from all over the world to reading other people's opinions and thoughts

I really just wanted to start off with where I left ASC and write a new post regarding another topic, but it wouldn't be right to all my old followers and the prospective ones without giving an explanation of why I had to delete my old blog and why I started this one. 

If you're wondering about the blog name and the URL, I'll tell you why I chose those. The URL is a tribute to my old blog and I wanted something that had the word 'Sea' in it. The blog name is because I'm usually never in one place at the same time. If I'm with people, I completely zone out and think about other things-like dreaming about being in another place or watching the birds or street dogs play around in front of me (not that I don't pay attention to what's happening with the people I'm surrounded with but it's just something that happens all the time) and while I'm left alone with nothing but my own thoughts that give me company I'm always wondering about people.

That being said, thank you for all those who have stuck around till now and thank you to all the new readers. I do hope that with this blog I bring out the best that I can. If you want to be updated with my random thoughts and ramblings then do follow along!


  1. Wonderful! I will make sure to follow up with you here! I love the url and the reason behind it... super well thought out. Looking forward to more posts!

  2. i love how much thought you put into creating this blog! It's nice that you look back and utilise your past to create something even greater :)
    - Nicole |

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :D


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