Let the sound of windchimes fill your soul

I hear voices in the distant but nobody seems to be around. I see birds flying and hear them sing. Sun rays seeping through the window. The fresh but light breeze that hits the leaves. I see a bumble bee and as much as I hate the thought of it entering the house and flying around me I can't help but not just stare at it while it flies around outside. I go outside just to feel the warmth of the sun. The smell of wet mud fills my lungs. 

The mornings are so quiet and peaceful. I think about how nice it could be if I could do this the whole day. Just sit, watch and observe. I've been wanting to get up early just to see the sun rise but I haven't been able to and if I do get up early, I seem to forget about it because I get busy doing something else. I make up for it (even though you can't call it that) in the evening though, watching as the sun sets.

It's important to be by and with yourself atleast for awhile in a day. Being left alone with your own thoughts gives you so much to think about. It makes you think clearly once you're away from all the commotion. Thinking about all the things that bring you joy and even sadness while by yourself helps you understand why they happened in the first place. It also makes you yearn and long to go away to a place where you only do this, where every corner and everything you look at only brings you peace and happiness and nothing else.

I don't really know the whole point to this post either, it really doesn't have one. Just needed to put my random thoughts down.


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